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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology

Conventional Medicine adds years to your life, Nüyü adds life to your years. Erasing wrinkles, redefining facial contours, eliminating imperfections; we help you achieve the fabulous look you wish for.

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

One of the most efficient tools in Medical-Aesthetics. At NuYu, we know that it is understanding of Laser physics and Laser-Tissue interaction that makes our treatments tailor made for each person.

Body Treatment

Body Treatment

Treating body shape has to address the different layers; for instance, a belly can be loose muscle or excess fat or saggy skin. Knowing what to treat and how makes all the difference in the result.

About NuYu Medispa

Nu Yu Medi Spa is a physician-directed personal enhancement treatment center. We offer a unique combination of traditional spa services and medical aesthetic treatments designed to help you look and feel your very best.

The professionals at Nu Yu are focused on helping you take of your individual skin care and beauty needs. Our licensed professionals and trained technicians will consult with you on your beauty and skin-care goals, and recommend products and treatments to help you get the most of your visits to the Medi Spa.




Velashape |||

OUR SOLUTIONS Cutting Edge Technology to Cater for Every Service

Er:Yag / Nd:Yag Lasers: Mild Ablative Fractional Resurfacing / Periorbital Tightening / Intra Oral Tightening.
Fraxel Re:pair
Fractional CO2 Laser: Ablative Fractional Resurfacing.
Fraxel Re:store Dual
Fractional Erbium Glass Laser: Non Ablative Fractional Resurfacing Ulthera – Multi Focused Ultrasound - Non Surgical Face Lifting (SMAS targeting).
Monopolar Radiofrequency: Skin Tightening / Body & Face Remodelling.
Injectables / HA Fillers / PRP: Erase Wrinkles / Add Volume / Stimulate Cellular Regeneration.

Vaser 4D Pro:
Ultrasound assisted Lipolysis: Advanced Liposuction.
Fotona Intimilase/Icontilase:
Long Pulse Er:Yag / Nd:YAG: Vaginal Tightening / Vaginal Wall Resurfacing.
Q Switched Nd:YAG: Tattoo Removal.
Cynosure Cynergy:
Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL): Vascular Treatment.
Botulinum Toxin Type A: Hyperhydrosis for Underarms, Palms and footsoles.

ZELTIC CoolSculpting:
CryoLipolysis / Fat Freezing - Fat reduction without surgery
VellaShape 3:
RF/IR/Vacuum & Roller Massage - Circumference Reduction / Body Contouring
VellaShape 2:
RF/IR/Vacuum & Roller Massage - Cellulite Treatment / Skin Tightening
RF/IR/Vacuum & Roller Massage - Cellulite Treatment
Fractional Roller Vacuum Massage - Cellulite Treatment
Inbody 320:
Bielectrical Impedance Analysis - Body Composition Analyzer

Botulinum Toxin Type A - Erase Wrinkles
Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid - Deep Wrinkles / Lip Volume / Facial Contours
Platelet Rich Plasma - Anti Aging / Hair Fall Treatment
Clear and Brilliant:
Fractional 1340nm Laser - Mild Non Ablative Fractional Resurfacing
Photodynamic Treatment - Active Acne Clearing and Disinfecting
WaterJet Abrasion / Oxygenation - Facial Cleansing and Dermabrasion

Fotona: - Nd:
Yag - Hair Removal for Dark Skin with average hair
Soprano ICE:
High Frequency Diode Laser - Hair Removal large areas with average skin color
Cynosure Cynergy:
Nd:Yag - Hair Removal for Dark skin
Mediostar NeXT:
Multifrequency Diode Laser - Hair Removal for average skin color
Cynosure Apogee:
Alexanderite Laser - Hair Removal / Pigmentation Treatment
Q Switched Nd:Yag - Hair Bleeching

Cosmetic Dermatology:

BOTOX / HA Fillers / PRP - Wrinkles / Jaw Line / Hyperhydrosis
Facial Treatment:
Cleansing / Scrubs / Lasers - Acne / Black Heads / Spots
Hair Removal:
Alexandrite / Diode / Nd:Yag - Body Hair / Beard and Neck Lines
Hair Transplant:
Minor Surgery - Follicular Unit Extraction / Follicular Transfer
Fat Reduction:
Coolsculpting / Vaser 4D - Stubborn Tummy Fat / Megalomastia
Tattoo Removal:
Q Switched Laser - Dark Tattoos
Fitness and Nutrition:
Diet Program / Exercise Program - Losing Weight / Gaining Weight / Body Building / Healthy Eating

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Meet Our Experts

Dr. Amany Sabbagh

Dr. Amany Sabbagh

AntiAging Physician | +961 1 788 425 dramany@nuyulb.com
Physician specialised in Anti-Aging Medicine. Received multiple international certified trainings on all cosmetic procedures from lasers to injectables and more.
Dr. Nada Soueidan

Dr. Nada Soueidan

Medical Director | +961 1 788 425
Cosmetic Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon with over 25 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics. Also Educator on innovative dermatological procedures.
Charles Abou Saab

Charles Abou Saab

Operations Manager | +961 1 788 425 admin@nuyulb.com
Originally a Physical Therapist with 11 years of experience in Medical and Aesthetic Devices as Application Specialist and Application Trainer for professionals.

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